Saturday, October 17, 2009

Breaking news

After much procrastination and recrimination careful planning and prodigious effort, I am pleased to announce details on the upcoming schedule here at He Read/She Read:

Next Wednesday, October 21 -
The Powwow Highway.....reviewed by Rebekah (from Waffles Waffles All Day Long) and me

Read in rapt fascination as two middle-class white people offer their insights into this road-trip saga of a Native American odd couple, Philbert Bono and Buddy Red Wing, in the wild west of the 1970s.

Wednesday, October 28 -
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.....reviewed by the Middle-Aged Woman from Unmitigated and Captain Dumbass from Us and Them

Experience bone-numbing terror as our international tag-team of reviewers spill their guts (figuratively) about this reimagining of Jane Austin's classic. It'll be "spill, or be spilled" here at He Read/She Read - just in time for Halloween.

and, tentatively, on

Wednesday, November 4 -
Life of Pi.....reviewed by Pamela (from the dayton time) and me

Find out how and why a mother of four young children devours an entire 400-page book in one day. Find out whether I can finish the book in a time-frame that will not make me look like a complete "book wimp".
Find out about "a story that will make you believe in God"*.

It just quicken the pulse, doesn't it?

[Remember - if you'd like to do a review for He Read/She Read, please leave a comment below or - better yet - send an email using this link (or the one in the "Contact Us" section).

*The author's words, not mine. You'll have to wait until Nov. 4 to find out whether I'm convinced. Of course, I already believe in God - so maybe that's cheating.

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